10 Tips for an Awesome Resume

  1. How to use functional format resumes. Using functional formats are risky and can help or hurt you depending on how you use them. Use functional format when applying for senior specific positions. If your just using it for a normal resume the employer is going to think that you are hiding something


  1. Putting my most important information at the top. My resume is going to be looked at fast, so I have to make the information I want them to se stand out so they can Identify it quickly


  1. Using Key words for the career I want. I have to use words that the employers are looking for, kind of like the putting the most important information first but now words that show I know what I’m talking about.


  1. I need to show I can meet the needs the employer has and their concerns. If I’m applying to be a leader of some sort, I need my resume to show and state leadership qualities. I need the employers to feel a sort of comfort that they can rely on me to make money and keep the business going. They need to know about my personality, like am I good to work with and I going to get the job done. They need to know about my work style, am I a hard good worker or am I slouch.


  1. I need to show my passion and dedication to the career I’m looking for. My resume has to show the employers why they should even consider me. They can tell when people haven’t thought what they want to do fully because it shows on your resume. I need to make sure I communicate my passion for my career; I have to show my commitment to my work that I am here for long term and not a fly by.


  1. I need to take a step back and re evaluate myself. And look at what strengths I have. What am I good at? And is what I’m good at good for the job? I need to know how I need to be when applying for the type of job I want. When I find what are my strengths and weaknesses I need to write them down and keep them to heart.


  1. I need to show myself in the best manner, if I were to use a photo for my resume I need to use one that wont hurt me. I can’t use selfies or an exaggerated happy face or a criminal photo like a mug shot.


  1. I need to keep my resume simple; I can be creative but no to much. I shouldn’t overdue it with crazy designs and colors. But I need to keep it simple with different fonts and colors.


  1. I should make multiple resumes and not keep it to just one, and use that one for every job I apply to. Each resume should fit to what the job is offering. Only time it should be ok for me to use the same one if it’s the same position.


  1. NEVER be cliché! Don’t upsell yourself and use common phrases like flexible, communicative, and proactive. Especially the typical “can-do attitude” its all so old and doesn’t work anymore. I need to tell who I really am while sounding positive.







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